Women’s History Month Inspires Sailors to Share Their Stories

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“March is Women’s History Month. There is no other organization in America than the Navy that celebrates the monumental achievement of women in the workplace,” said Master-At-Arms 3rd Class Hope Owens , a Sailor from Naval Air Station Sigonella.

Owens was one of four women who shared her experiences in the Navy and her pride in being a modern Sailor on March 17, 2016 at the public library on Naval Air Station Sigonella Base 1.

“Not even 20 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to hold my position,” said Owens, who is responsible for law enforcement, regulating duties, security and force protection on base. “We’ve come such a long way and I can’t wait to see how far we will go with women’s rights.”

This graphic was created to show a timeline of women in the Navy and their achievements over the course of the years. Created by Amber Porter/released
This graphic was created to show a timeline of women in the Navy and their achievements. Created by Amber Porter/released

Sailors and civilians from all over base attended the event to listen to the inspiring stories of leaders who have managed to overcome personal and professional obstacles for equal employment in the workplace. Fitting, for the Women’s History Month theme for 2016 is Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring women in public service and government.

According to the National Women’s History Project, “(the theme) for 2016 honors women who have shaped America’s history and its future through their public service and government leadership. Although often overlooked and undervalued, collectively they have dramatically influenced our public policy and the building of viable institutions and organizations. From championing basic human rights to ensuring access and equal opportunity for all Americans, they have led the way in establishing a stronger and more democratic country.”

“It’s an honor to speak here today,” said Lt. Cmdr. Tracy Harp, one of the presenters and a legal officer at NAS. “I just want to ask you, what’s your dream? What is it that you want to do? Who is it you want to be? I want you to reach out and you grab it.”

Harp said to remember that it’s everyone who makes a difference for women in history and women in the future.

“Its men, women, children,” said Harp. “My hope and my dream is that I raise my children to just see everyone not by gender and what they are supposed to do, but that they are people with no limitations.”

For more information about women’s history month and the Navy’s involvement, visit http://todaysmilitary.com/videos/opportunities-for-women-in-the-navy

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