Cookbook ‘Food That Works’ aspires to help people eat healthier with less environmental impact


Food That Works is the brainchild of Malia Dell, a cook and self-published author who wrote the book to inspire others to reach their wellness goals and reduce their environmental footprint. Dell recently visited Barnes and Noble in Honolulu, Hawaii to promote her book and provide those in attendance with the right advice to help them in their health and eco-conscious aspirations.

Food That Works, on sale through or Amazon, is a hybrid week-to-week meal planner and cookbook on making fast healthy meals for busy people on the go. A differential factor for this book compared to most is that it provides a shopping list and meal prep suggestions to use everything you purchase and meet your healthy objectives.

“As you cook your way through this book, you find a way to put this food to good use,” said Dell at her self-funded book tour. “If you don’t love leftovers, you will learn how to. By cooking extra food with the intention of creating leftovers, you create more time for other activities and have less time in the kitchen. I encourage you to modify anything you want, to create it the way you want it. My recipes are mere guidelines because you are the cook. I give you permission to taste and lead with your tongue. It is, after all, your dinner, your groceries. Substitute your freakin heart out and let me know how it turns out.”

During her engaging conversation, Dell also talked about several things she learned while working at one of America’s most distinguished restaurants and how that training taught her how to take inventory of what’s in the fridge. She emphasized the importance of using a grocery list when shopping and then spending an hour or so after each shopping trip prepping and planning for the rest of the week. She explained that in doing so, you have food ready to go and you reduce your chances of food waste from unnecessary items.

According to, Americans waste an estimated 70 billion pounds of food every year, and some of that can be attributed to purchasing food that isn’t consumed before it goes bad. Don’t add to that monumental statistic, check out to purchase or to learn more about the method.

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  • This is a fantastic description of Food That Works – you have captured the heart of what makes this book not only different from other cook books but why others will find this book such a benefit to their lives. The book has received rave reviews for good reason as Malia has hit upon issues we all face – how to eat healthy, stop wasting food, conserve time spent in the kitchen, while eating delicious foods.

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