About Me

My passions are simple. Photography, storytelling, travel, and healthy living. These have taken me on a unique and wonderful life journey, where I have gained knowledge and familiarity in pursuit of my interests.

I chose to pursue my Master’s degree in New Media Journalism because I’ve learned the importance of information and I’ve witnessed how the landscape of the way get our news has changed and I want to stay relevant and aspire to meet those challenges. My goal is to use my skill set and training to inform and empower the community to make healthier choices and engage in the activities available in their communities.

My aspiration to be a part of a creative field led me to pursue a degree in Account Advertising at Ferris State University. After graduating Cum Laude, I traveled to the urban jungle of New York City where I interned at the Advertising Research Foundation. It was there I realized my talent for storytelling. I knew I wanted to build a portfolio, and I also wanted to pursue my desire to travel, so in 2013 I joined the United States Navy as a photojournalist. In the training program to become a Mass Communication Specialist, I learned all of the Adobe products in Creative Suite. During my three years serving in the military, I have worked with newspapers, radio networks, social media sites, web design, graphic design, broadcasting, and a host of other platforms to tell the Navy story. Through all of these experiences, I have been able to write press releases, design web pages, produce field and product photography, work with Google AdWords and analytics, and a variety of other specialized services.

You can view my published work on Navy.milDefense Video and Imagery Distribution SystemNaval Aviation NewsHawaii Marine, Military and civilian Facebook pages, personal blogs, and civilian news sources.

Although my work life is centered around telling a military story, my personal time is spent working on health and wellness through the YMCA and fitness groups around Oahu, Hawaii.

I’m passionate about sharing these helpful articles because I see the difference healthy decisions make through my volunteer work with programs that get kids outside and exploring. Although I still have another two years on my contract, I am establishing relationships that may enable me to one day work for one of these groups and involve and enlighten the community.

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