Overall Health and Wellness by Fitness Instructor Heather Jones-Proctor

Health and Wellness

Heather Jones-Proctor, a fitness instructor at Naval Air Station Sigonella (NAS Sigonella), has been in the health and wellness field for 11 years, after retiring from the Air Force in 2005. Today, she manages and also instructs all fitness classes for the 1,500 military personnel on base.

NAS Sigonella focuses on keeping its military members healthy to support the mission. The institution offers a gym, nutritional classes and counseling to create an overall health and wellness methodology.

“Physical fitness and health includes such characteristics as body size and form, physical perception, susceptibility to illness and disorders, body functioning, recuperative ability and the ability to perform certain tasks,” said Jones-Proctor, quoting the World Health Organization that she studies under. “Many health benefits are associated with musculoskeletal fitness, such as reduced coronary risk factors, increased bone mineral density (reduced risk of osteoporosis), increased flexibility, improved glucose tolerance, and greater success in completion of activities of daily living (ADL). With aging, the performance of daily tasks can become a challenge.”

Jones-Proctor suggests a six-step approach to physical fitness that includes cardiorespiratory fitness, strength training, neuromuscular training, speed workouts, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

Health and Wellness graph by Amber Porter Source: Heather Jones-Proctor
Health and Wellness graph by Amber Porter
Source: Heather Jones-Proctor

“You don’t’ even need a ton of time to accomplish your goals,” explains Jones-Proctor. “Set aside just a half-hour a day and make sure that you stay consistent with your fitness. If possible, make sure to incorporate a holistic approach that hits on more than one category, for example, doing yoga every time you finish a high-to-low interval run can hit all of your targets.”

For more information or to attend one of the fitness classes, check out www.sigmwr.com

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